Iğdır Vocational High School was founded under the direction of Rectorate of Kafkas University on July, 1995. The building was granted by Ministry of National Education to Kafkas University for 20 years. Our Vocational High School began teaching in 1995-1996 with depatment of Business Administration. At first, there were 20 students, 16 lectures, 1 office boy and 1 clerk. Accounting department started to teach students the following year. In 1998-1999 Computer Programming, Import-Export, Marketing and Tourism and Hotel Management began teaching. In 1999-2000, second education of Import-Export, Business Administration and Accounting departments began teaching.Finance department began teaching in 2000-2001. In a program called METEB, Electric and Textile dapartments began teaching in 2004-2005. Machine department began teaching in 2004-2005.And second education of Finance department began teaching in 2008-2009. Textile department stopped to accept students because of inadequate student application.

Names of some departments were changed in 2009-2010. In this respect, the name of Import-Export department was changed as Foreign Trade. Tourism and Hotel Management was changed as Hospitality Sevices. Accounting department was changed as Computerized Accounting and Tax Applications.

Iğdır Vocational High School completed its foundation by the aid of Iğdır Governorship in 1996-1997. School banks, furniture, service bus, library building,five thousand volumes books,cantin building and goods and their furnishings were donated by local people. In 2006-2007, a computer laboratory having 50 computers, a well-equiped machine shop and an electric laboratory were completed.

Iğdır University was founded in 2008.So Iğdır Vocational High School began to work together with Iğdır University from this time. In 2009, our school started to restore and it acquired a modern appearance. There are a faculty member, 21 university lectures and 14 administrative staff. All of the courses have been teaching in opur school.